Our History

My family traveled from state to state when my father was employed in the oil industry. Back then, that is what families did. They moved to where the work was hiring. Since becoming an adult I try to travel as much as possible. With raising children and then on to school, my travels were not as often as I would have liked at that time in my life but now the boys are older and I am able to travel to my hearts desire. One of my favorite places is Florida beaches. I love the sun shining and warm sand in between my toes. I have enough stories and adventures from those warm sunny beaches to write a book. Literally.

Since then I have longed for the answers to my very own life. Now that my children are older, and life is passing me by I became frozen in time. Little did I know that this happens to most people and especially women. As I am nearing 40, I felt as though I haven’t gotten anything done that I wanted with my own life. I was tragically dwelling on every mistake that I had made in my life up at to that point. My marriage was in shambles, my children were acting up, my career was broken and I was completely lost.

So.. what did I do to fix this issue?

I started a reevaluation my life. I know it sounds horrific but I started from the beginning. I took the time to allow myself to start at the beginning when it all started. In doing this I asked myself questions along the way. I wrote everything down. Some of the questions were: How did this make me feel at this time? What did I learn from this? How can I see this differently? How do I feel about this now?

These questions is what I personally used to help myself. I knew I could not afford counseling and from my experience these were the questions I was asked when I finally did start counseling. It allows people to see anything traumatic in different eyes. Instead of it overcoming you and consuming you, this allows you to finally free yourself from your thoughts and burdens.

Not only did I do this practice but I also taught myself to meditate as well. I have not been one big on meditation but I was desperate to fix how I was thinking and to finally jump off the roller coaster ride I was on. I used guided meditation in the beginning till I was able to guide myself at any given time into meditation.

I started taking care of myself and exercising when I was able too. I didn’t give myself unhealthy goals. I started walking daily. I would listen to inspirational messages or upbeat music. I didn’t push myself either. I made sure that everything I did was completed naturally. If I was tired, I slept. I paid attention to my mind and my body.

Since these changes I can say I am 100% happier. I have learned to make decisions on my own that benefit me. Coming from my relationship, I hardly made any decisions on my own. I learned to say “no” when it was to much for me. When I was hungry, I ate food that was good for me and what my body craved. I started going more places and traveling. Even if it was a day trip. The little breaks helped. Not everyday was amazing but in general my amazing days were way more than the bad days. I was happy for that.

I am not saying this will work for everyone, but anything is worth a try at least. Even if this helps only one person, then I have done my job!

Stay tuned for travel destinations, tips, and learn how traveling can help your life in a positive way. Ohhh!! Look forward to some delicious recipes as well.

Just know that you came across this website for a reason, nothing happens by accident.

Can’t wait to meet you!

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