Contribute to Her Weekend Travels. Her Weekend Travels came about with a passion to help others and share a love for traveling.

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Our History

My family traveled from state to state when my father was employed in the oil industry. Back then, that is what families did. They moved to where the work was hiring. Since becoming an adult I try to travel as much as possible. With raising children and then on to school, my travels were not as often as I would have liked at that time in my life but now the boys are older and I am able to travel to my hearts desire. One of my favorite places is Florida beaches. I love the sun shining and warm sand in between my toes. Let’s work together to get some of that wonderful experience in your life.

What are we looking for in Contributors?

We are in search for fellow writers with like minds to help contribute to Her Weekend Travels. Some of our topics are listed below, this will give writers an idea of what we like to publish on our site.

  • How can traveling improve your life?
  • What are some helpful tips for traveling?
  • Favorite travel deals
  • Top visited cities int he U.S.
  • Ideas for things to do while traveling
  • Any type of traveling and self help articles that can include traveling would be ideal.

Not sure if the idea fits?

Contact us anyways and give it a shot. You never know, your idea might be just what we are looking for in that moment. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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