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To start off our top Resource Page is the Blogger Group Board. Here anyone can be a part of a great community of bloggers, business owners, and promoters around the globe. For readers, this gives information on every subject you can think of in that mind of yours. Take a look and if you would like to add your own information, simply send us a message through Pinterest and we can get you added. All we ask is if you are pinning, save another pin and help promote someone. Pass the good deeds along!

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Gabrielle is simply brilliant when it comes to understanding life and how we see life in general. Many of us are broken or lost and are looking for ways to enjoy the life we have now, not when we are 80 years old. We love her simple ways and advice for overcoming obstacles and learning to live again.

Here is another one of her great books that is a recommend must read.

When I travel, I love taking quality photographs. To me, memories you can create in your mind. It takes a good camera to really relive the amazing moments and views though. I always use Nikon products. When I first began photography this was my camera. Still my favorite as well. It is easy to learn and still gives you options to create professional images.

SanDisk 32 GB micro SD card

When we are out traveling, our photos are one of our most important aspects. We use the 32 GB Micro SD card made by SanDisk. It is a great SD card with plenty of room for a day of photography for sure. We highly recommend using a higher GB SD card due to the amount of space these amazing photos use.

When it comes to life on the road a simple solution bag is great for everyday items is essential. When I am delayed at the airport or a spurt of creativity hits me. I love having the ability to grab my laptop or tablet to get the information down before it vanishes. Plus, this overnight bag comes in many cute colors and designs. The helpful function makes it easy for transporting as well.

I love these hard travel suit cases. It makes a world of difference when traveling, especially long distance. They are big enough for all your needs and they are colorful. I used to use a black one, till I realized I grabbed the wring luggage. Since then I choose my favorite color, and it is easier to spot when departing from the airport. It’s the little things that help out in life really.

Of course you have to grow and learn, even on the go. I use Amazon for all of my gadget, E-Book, and hard to find items purchases. If I can’t find something while I am in town or out. I usually check Amazon and sure enough I almost always find what I am searching for at that moment.

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