Save on Your Next Trip

Save on your next trip with money saving tips below.

Okay I do not come from a family that was rich nor were we poor. We were in the middle so to speak. Our vacations growing up were unheard of, except from the rich people. Many thought we went on these glorious and amazing summer vacations, and we did in our book. It might not have been as glorious as it sounds though.

The oilfield life…

Growing up we lived by oil field manners, which meant moving from state to state. Long story short my mother’s family is from Florida. Therefore, this was an automatic vacation spot for us. We loved going and seeing our grandparents, but because they lived in Florida it made it 100 times better. Could you image 30 years ago, saying you’re going to Florida for a summer vacation. Back then nobody went anywhere most of the time. If they did it was because someone died. I am not joking either. 30 years ago the job scarcity was high, and they layoffs were one after another. People were finding ways to stay at home more and more. This is when it all began for us here in the United States. I am sure there have been more than enough times that our economy has seen a dramatic fall, but this was when the prices of the economy were beginning to rise higher.

This meant people were trying to find ways to keep the kids busy during the summer and winter breaks.

You rarely heard of someone saying there were going on a summer trip to Florida of all places. That’s where the rich people live. Little did they know my grandparents lived in a small town called Bonifay, Florida. This part of Florida is about 50 miles from Panama City Beach.

Save money on your next trip…

Most of our trips evolved homemade sandwiches, chips and snacks from the house. When we visited we stayed in town with our grandparents and only would take one or two day trips to Panama City Beach. Gosh I remember those days like they were just yesterday. Panama City has beautiful water and beaches with water as blue as the sky. My brothers and I would always try to catch the baby sharks close to shore they were always too fast for us but we gave it our best shot and it kept us busy.

The point is, it doesn’t matter how you get there or what you do when you get there. The point is that you make the memories that will last forever. That is the point in any vacation, but not break the bank.

Tips for saving some cash on your next trip..

  • Pack lunches, snacks, and drinks
  • Go where family is located already
  • Use apps to help with gas prices
  • Buy small souvenirs if wanting to purchase them
  • Plan your trip before you leave
  • Ask about discounts where visiting
  • See if you can find coupons to save money
  • Make a budget and have reserve money put back if anything happens
  • Stick with your budget

Save on your next trip with these money saving ideas. The purpose of a vacation is to get away with making memories, but while trying not to break the bank.


2 thoughts on “Save on Your Next Trip

  1. Love these tips! A lot of people feel that travelling is unattainable because of a small budget, but sometimes the best trips are the low budget ones! I love backpacking trips with friends which cost hardly anything besides gear. I also love killing two birds with one stone and scheduling my adventures around visiting loved ones. I went to visit my aunt and we all went wine tasting. I didn’t have to pay for two trips to do my bucket list item, wine tasting, because I combined them 🙂 I also recently explored Denver during my friend’s wedding by just adding an extra day to my trip 🙂 saved me a lot not having to go back to sight see!

    1. Thank you Roonie. Yes, it really makes a difference when you can basically “bundle” travel adventures. Growing up that is how we traveled. I agree, some of our best travels were on a very low budget. Those are some of the best memories with my family. Tanya

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