Weekend Get-A-Way

Hello all..

I recently came to my parents for a weekend get-a-way here in Livingston, TX. I do have to say this small town is an amazing place to visit. Sitting out on the front porch the gentle breeze feels amazing. Plus, the bonus of being able to see water from the porch was very nice as well. I have got to say it tends to make you slow down and appreciate the small things life and nature have to offer.

While I have been here on my weekend get-a-way, I have had he chance to really get some answers within my own life. I have lately struggled with my marriage and learning that I have every right to be happy, and I have made my choice.

Fear and it’s effects

One thing I did notice was the struggle of fear being the base of my decisions. Fear has a very strong effect on people. Most don’t even realize it till they take a step back and look at the whole situation. Fear comes in different shapes, sizes, and even colors. It can freeze us or it can make the rationale seem unrealistic. The choice is ours. We have the choice to decide which we want to happen in our lives.

As my fear was looking at me right in my face. I was terrified to even make a choice in my life. My long walks near the lake have really helped. It has helped me to realize that life is short and we should really pay attention to what is important in life.

Reconnecting with nature helps when anyone is troubled. It is the matter of slowing down enough to be able to listen to yourself and not anyone else. The beautiful sunset and breeze blowing just helps calm the mind and what is important comes to you instantly.

It was truly an amazing experience. If i must say, take a moment to just be. Just be still and enjoy the views that life has to offer us. Listen to the wind, trees, and the waves crashing. Let it take you away into your own self adventure.

How long you stay is up to you, this is your life.


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