Weekend Trip Adventures

Weekend trip adventures started this past weekend with my family. I love my family dearly and our weekend away was much needed.

So how exactly did it go?

For starters, I didn’t pack enough clothes. Considering the heat and the swimming we did over the weekend, I simply didn’t have enough clothes. So I am going to make a checklist that you can download to your phone just to make sure you don’t forget anything, like me.

The weekend was a blast. We left the Houston area Friday evening and traveled when traffic was lighter. No it wasn’t planned to be as late as had arrived but the traffic was much easier with our late night travels.

Once arriving we stayed up catching up, like we always do. You see, there are 4 of us that love to spend time together. I always wanted to be apart of a group of ladies and we bonded over the years in the mix of heartache and daily living.

Now we are the best of friends and yes, we love to have fun.

Austin Women’s Expo on the Weekend Trip Adventures

Saturday, was the Women’s Expo. We took my cousins little girl and she kept us busy for sure between all 4 of us. She is a handful but adorable at the same time.

The Women’s Expo was not exactly what we expected but we still had a blast. It was a local convention center there in Austin. They had makeup everywhere. I did learn the latest styles, make-up and latest perfume that have been released. They had tons of people representing companies local and afar. Cute boutiques, the best face creams, hair products, healthy products, you name it they had it.  It was a relaxing event that was filled with amazing people. A truly wonderful experience for sure. Not to mention the greatest 15 minute massage at the end. Much needed and it was free.

After the Women’s Expo, we went back to the apartment to change then headed to the pool. Yes, Texas is still hot and the pool was very nice. We sipped our drinks by the pool and enjoyed our never ending conversations that we seem to come up with together.

Later, we went to Fast Eddie’s a local pool hall to enjoy a game of pool. We lasted one game, and then it was time to go.

Birthday fun!

Even though we were there visiting my cousin for her birthday, we learned that having that time to get away with just us girls was truly needed for each of us. As always we laugh, cry, and plan our future while we are together. My advice to other women is to find a great group of friends and start planning trips. You would be surprised how fun it really is to get away and just be silly even if its only a weekend trip adventure.


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